Core Values

  • Raise Customer Expectations (and Then Exceed Them)
  • Deliver High Quality, On-Demand, Consistently
  • Service the Client’s Business, As If It Were Our Own
  • Every Customer Counts
  • Operate With Integrity, Without Compromise
  • Hire to Uncompromising Standards
  • Seek Constant Improvement
  • Relentlessly Develop Your People
  • Encourage Guilt-Free Work-Life Balance
  • Care and Give Back
Bulls-Eye Recruitment

Sai Placement believes that a “70% match” is not good enough. Not even close. We aim to give the client what they want – and then even more. When technical skills, functional expertise, soft skills and other considerations all come together, employers can add someone to their staff that is “plug and play”, adding more value and doing so in a more immediate manner. It also frees up manager’s time in that these caliber of hires typically need less hand holding and can work with a high degree of autonomy, once given direction.

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